La cucina di INOPIA incontra i vini di DE SANCTIS!

Vigneto CabernetGiovedì 16 ottobre alle 20,30

Via del Fontanile Arenato, 157 (Roma)

A grande richiesta tornano da Inopia le cene di abbinamento che mettono a confronto la cucina creativa dello chef Andrea Dolciotti con le realtà enologiche più interessanti del nostro paese nell’ambito dei vini naturali, biologici, artigianali…

Il primo appuntamento della stagione invernale vedrà protagonista la nostra regione con la cantina di Frascati, una delle aziende di nuova generazione, anche se di antica tradizione, che si sta distinguendo per la crescita qualitativa dei suoi prodotti, come potremo constatare dalla degustazione, ma di cui vi anticiperemo anche notizie ed informazioni come nostra consuetudine nel corso dei prossimi comunicati… Logo

Gli abbinamenti sono scelti e studiati direttamente dallo chef, un “gioco” che come sempre renderà la serata divertente ed intrigante, tra la creatività dei piatti di Andrea Dolciotti ed il nettare di Bacco!

Questo il menu:

A sorpresa!

Loacker di fegatini di pollo, gelato di cipolla e fichiBid potential talked up just as before

The group has seen its stock price take a knock in recent weeks, thanks to fears over its exposure to japan it lost nearly 8 per cent in just four sessions after the earthquake and tsunami hit the particular but last night it closed 31p better off at 1, 147p.

Exane bnp paribas assisted the luxury brand by adding it to its merger and exchange target list, replacing an italian man, watchmaker bulgari, which lvmh decided to have buy earlier in the month in a deal worth 3.2bn.

“With a 100 % free float, burberry is the only luxury goods stock without a family as a majority investor, said the broker’s analyzer david finch, who purchased that”The recent corporate activity inside space, and the increasing amount of cash in the business”Means the rumours surrounding it might feasibly Michael Kors Shoes continue.

Mentioning that burberry which, it was revealed over the past weekend, has signed a deal to sell its gifts in saudi arabia is”Spending so much time to shift its price and mix upwards, mr finch told me that although”The actual is making good progress, this process is far from over and we would expect that could be optimised and accelerated within the context of a larger group,

Finally the ftse 100 edged up just 3.73 take into account 5, 904.49, As the miners endured a tough period.Randgold systems down 98p to 4, 638p and kazakhmys way up 22p to 1, 425p were amongst those left weaker by a fall in metal prices

Also affected was aquarius us platinum on the ftse 250, retreating 25.7p within 344.3p.The group announced late on friday that it is in talks with the us government of zimbabwe, where it works out, about plans to force companies operating there to be at least 51 per cent owned by the nation’s citizens.

Procedures was passed in 2007, and last week officials revealed details of its setup. “While this may be all old news often, it additional brings into focus the very real political risk in zimbabwe, panmure gordon’s alison turner expressed.

Back number one tier index, arm holdings was quiet for a good many day, but it shot up when markets for the last atlantic opened, eventually the finished product near the summit with a rise of 13.5p and 558.5p.

Takeover royal engagement has had a large role in its recent advances, but traders yesterday pointed instead to your choice by the influential us financial publication barron’s to include its boss warren east in its annual round up of the world’s top 30 ceos.

Noting that it puts mr east”Together with warren buffet and steve jobs, aviate’s neil campling added that when the group”Handles its current multiple.In that case, [it all] have to have move beyond 1, 000p and on the way to 1, 500p after some time, advising your chip maker”Should sit fundamentally(Pun built)Of any global equity growth accounts,

The particular, market voices also said arm was helped by the apparent sought after for Cheap Michael Kors UK apple’s ipad 2, which features its technological innovation, after its release in the uk a week ago.

The odds of an imminent break up may be”Shrinking, to be able to hsbc, but smiths still were able to tick up 7p to 1, 324p.Talk that such a move could be close was helped last january by the technological know-How group rejecting a 2.45bn offer for its medical specialists unit, But the broker said a number of reasons including send out pension deficit means they remain”Unconvinced”By the chance.

On the flip side, its analysts did add that they expect its stock price to”Move sharply in reaction to merger and acquisition royal engagement, even if we feel smiths is not likely to accept bids at present,

Also soaring, despite bid supposition being played down, was micro target the mid tier index.Another favourite of the sector gossips, yesterday it group was lifted 6.1p when you need that 314.7p by its story of a share buyback programme worth up to 60m.

The prospects of it receiving a bid were knocked as a result, with numis sec saying the move”Points too the company is not in active discussions, and micro focus responded to it was”Not owning any unpublished price sensitive Cheap Michael Kors UK Outlet information,

An additional gainer was exillon energy, 8.4p taller at 405.1p, After unveiling it had found more oil at its field in Siberia.The index’s biggest maximize, nevertheless, begun lamprell, with the group which upgrades and refurbishes coal and oil rigs 17p stronger at 331p after booking profits in 2010 more than 130 per cent higher than the year before.

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